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Beauty Powders by Pacifica

Beauty Powders by Pacifica

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Ingestible beauty is a big topic these days. From superfoods to powders to dusts, there’s more than a few products on the market that tout beautiful results. But usually, these products are at a cost-prohibitive price point – they’re too dang expensive for everyday use, so how could someone develop a regimen, or measure their effectiveness? Thank goodness for the new line of Beauty Powders by Pacifica.

Sold exclusively at Target, the Beauty Powders by Pacifica are wonderfully priced, vegan, gluten-free and made with zero added sugar. Aka, the complete package.

Right now, they come in four flavors:

  • Wake Up Beautiful’s primary ingredient is melatonin, so you get a fabulous night’s sleep. The formulation also contains Reishi mushroom, lavender melatonin & L-theanine , and is a wonderful lavender-hibiscus flavor. A total hit at my house.
  • Slay All Day’s primary ingredient is Ashwagandha (a beauty adaptogen). This is the perfect pick me up (thanks to the green tea, pineapple, ashwagandha, & hyaluronic acid) to start your day.
  • Seek Balance’s leading ingredient are probiotics. This powder is intended to improve your digestion, calling on a blend of plant-probiotics, coconut & antioxidant berries. The coconut vanilla flavor is incredibly soothing.
  • And finally Glow Greens is perfect for anyone worried about getting all their greens in their day. Made with broccoli, spinach & kale supergreens,  it’s a yummy blend of 7 super greens plus ginger.

Simply add the Beauty Powders by Pacifica to water, and wait for your gorgeous skin to thank you! Shop the line by clicking the button below!

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