Aria Pure Lipstick

Aria Pure Lipstick by Hynt Beauty

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I have a new lip obsession. This one product goes beyond a chapstick, beyond a lipstick and beyond a compact for your purse. Aria Pure Lipstick by Hynt Beauty is everything you need for fabulous lips, all in one.

For me, it’s all about the packaging. Beyond the luxuriously creamy lip color, this clever lipstick case has a secret compartment with chapstick and a mirror – It is truly the all-in-one I’ve been looking for. Because who has time to stand in front of a mirror and apply your lipstick … We do it on the go!

Let’s talk ingredients: Aria Pure Lipstick is 100% GMO-free, plant based, Vegan and free of DF&C dyes. It’s designed to fight the sands of time with an age-defying formula full of organic oils to lock in moisture. Castor seed oil, jojoba oil and sunflower oil come together to make this one amazing product.

My personal favorite color is Pomegranate, but there’s a shade for every skin tone. Treat yourself to something fabulous – Grab and Aria Pure Lipstick!