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03 Everyday Oil by Dr. Jackson’s

03 Everyday Oil by Dr. Jackson’s

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In the pantheon of skincare essentials, there’s nothing like a solid face oil. Yes, I know, putting oil on your face sounds wrong, especially after all the drying and alcohol-based products we probably used as teenagers. But we are women of a certain age! We need the moisture, we want the nourishment that a face oil can give us. And right now, I am totally crushing on 03 Everyday Oil by Dr. Jackson’s.

And I think my biggest “crush” on this product comes straight down to the formulation. This blend is the direct result of over two decades of pharmacognosy research – Which means the ingredients are proven to make a visible difference in your skin. Baobab oil contains both oleic and linoleic acids to improve skin tone (you’ll see improved evenness, and even reduced discoloration). Gorgeous, nourishing Marula Oil goes deeeeeep to moisturize your cells. Calendula fights redness at the source. And arnica (yes, good, old anti-bruise arnica) repairs damaged cells. All in, you’ll see visibly smoother, clearer skin.

And I have to admit, I’ve been going a little crazy with how I use 03 Everyday Oil by Dr. Jackson’s. Sure, it’s become my go-to evening oil, but I’ve been adding a few drops to my foundation too – It helps the product stay on my skin, while doing double duty to cover up and repair my skin. And I’ve also used a few drops on the ends of my hair, because the smell is intoxicating and I LOVE how it leaves my locks feeling totally nourished. My daughter even uses it as a spot treatment when she has a dry patch of hormonal, teenaged skin.

Plus, it’s a vegan product, which obviously I love. Click the button below to learn more and grab yourself a bottle today!

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