Prima Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter

Prima Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter
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Alright friends. Let’s talk about dry, cracked, over-washed hands for a second. Because I know we all have them. The increased handwashing we’re all doing in 2020 is stressing out our skin, right? And because increased hand washing isn’t leaving any time soon, I’ve been trying every product under the sun to nourish my hands for the past few months – from creams to salves to moisturizing scrubs – but nothing has worked as well as Prima Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter.

I’m new to Prima, but I’m so glad they’re part of my life. Prima uses CBD in its products, which, at first, raised some skepticism. CBD is everywhere these days, and while we all know CBD is non-hallucinogenic and touts amazing skincare benefits, I’m leery of fads. Think of CBD like wine … some is better than others! But knowing great formulators makes all the difference. After a lot of research, I’m delighted to share that Prima is one of the few lines that I trust to source quality CBD and create expert formulations that really walk the walk. From sustainable sourcing to excellent distillation practices to brilliant product formulations, Prima has it all.

Let’s talk about Prima’s Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter because it is awesome. This delicious cream is the nourishing moisturizer your body has been craving. Formulated with pure, whole plant hemp extract with naturally occurring CBD and 5 organic oils and butters, this butter goes deep to improve rough, dry skin.

I use Prima as needed as a deep skin conditioning treatment. I’ve been keeping my Prima jar near my sink for the past few weeks – a necessary healing therapy after all the deep hand washing I’ve been doing recently. I love the product’s anti-inflammatory benefits, and how relaxing it is to take just a few moments and really give my hands the love they deserve.

When I think of Prima Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter, I think of the word “balance.” Some moisturizers are full of great butters and oils, but only moisturize while they’re on the skin. Prima brings moisture and balance to my skin, so my hands (and feet and body) feel great long after application.

Try this luxurious treatment today! Click here to learn more and to grab your Skin Therapy Ultra-Rich Body Butter today!

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