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One of the most frequently-asked questions I get is about plant-protein. Many of you want to reduce your consumption of meat, but you are not at all sure how you’re going to get your protein needs met without that ubiquitous chicken breast, or turkey wrap. So tonight (6pm PST) I’m tackling this subject by way of one of my Facebook live streams, and I can’t wait to see you there. I love to give you healthy living tips, and food is probably my favorite topic because being a certified Nutritionist, I know that we can dramatically dial up our health, and the way we feel, by changing what we eat.

So – how to get the most out of my live streams? Many of you have already got the hang of it, but for those of you who need a little primer, here you go:

  1. Log onto my Gorgeously Green By Sophie Uliano Facebook Fan Page. At exactly 6pm PST, you’ll see me appear live in your feed by way of a little live video! You join the stream by simply typing a comment as you would underneath any regular post.
  2.  I love it when you leave me a comment the moment as soon as you’re on. That way I know who you are, and that you are with me. (I am getting to know you regulars, and I LOVE that you participate like you do!)
  3. Get to know the topic before you join, and maybe prepare a couple of questions. I always promote the live stream and topic at least 24 hours prior, so it gives you time to think about whether or not it’s a topic you want to know about.
  4. TAG YOUR FRIENDS! You do this by placing the @ symbol before their name. This means that it will appear in their feed, and they might come over and join us. Example of tags might be: @GorgeouslyGreenBySophieUliano Come and join me on Sophie’s live stream now – loads of great info on what we were chatting about! Tagging your friends automatically enters you to win prizes. We use a randomizer to chose winners. We will message you if you win, and ask that reply with your mailing address.
  5. Don’t worry if I am not able to answer your question during the live stream. I always go back to the stream the day after and answer all your questions.
  6. The live stream lives on my page, so if you miss it live, don’t worry – you can watch it the next day.

I am so enjoying getting to know you all. I just wish we could all go on a giant wellness retreat (ideally Hawaii), and spend time in person. Who knows – maybe that’s not too far down the line, but for now – I’ll hopefully see you later tonight.


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