My Personal Best

My Personal Best
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January is the month that we hear endless media bites about losing weight, and a “New Year, New You!”. This is the month that all the diet books launch, however, as we all know, diets rarely (if ever), work long-term. Moreover diet (as in what we put in 0ur mouth,) is just one part of the equation in terms of being healthy and strong.

About a year ago, I decided that I would crank up my fitness routine to find my Personal Best. How would I do that? Being in my late forties, I realized that I needed to turn it up a few notches because as we get older, it becomes waaaaaay harder to stay in shape. After the age of 40, women typically lose 1% of bone per year, and can gain 1% of body fat – SO not fair, right? Anyway, I had my annual physical a week ago, and my doctor happily told me that I had gained just 1 pound, but LOST a percentage of body fat, which he explained, meant that I had lost fat, and gained muscle. He also explained that this is no easy feat for a woman of my ripe old age!!! So, if you’re interested, what I attempt to do is pretty simple:

1. I exercise (hard) at least 3 days a week. When I say “hard”, I mean that I push my body to do something that is extremely uncomfortable because I know that staying in my comfort zone will barely maintain what I have, and that by getting out of my comfort zone, I am “training” my body. To push myself like this requires supervision – I’d NEVER do it on my own. Since I can’t afford a personal trainer every week, I go to an SPX Pilates group class, which is killer! SPX pilates is very different to regular pilates – it’s much harder, quicker, and fun because the teachers typically have pumping playlists to keep you going.

2. I practice a bit of yoga at least 3 or 4 times a week. This isn’t a big deal at at all. Sometimes I just roll out my mat while watching TV or playing with the dogs, and have a really good stretch. I know my tight areas are my hips and hamstrings – so this is what I focus on.

3.For cardio, I’ve recently started indoor cycling at a fantastic chain called Flywheel. This is taking my cardio to the next level. I also take the stairs two-at-a-time, and try to choose the stairs over the escalator at malls! I garden, and do vigorous housework like window-cleaning whenever I have time.

4. I drink a plant-protein smoothie every morning. Since I don’t eat very much meat, I make sure that my body gets adequate protein by creating a delicious smoothie everyday with either pea or whey protein.

5. I try to get to sleep by 10.30 every night because if I’m tired, I don’t feel like doing any of the above.

6. I don’t diet. I just eat a healthy, mainly plant-based diet everyday. I minimize sugar, white flour, and dairy. I drink plenty of water, and green tea. I don’t drink alcohol.

7. I try to meditate, even if it’s 5 minutes a day – it connects me to a higher wisdom/intelligence and helps me to realize that I’m not in charge of the big picture!

As usual, Hippocrates got it right about 2,400 years ago, explaining, “That which is used develops; that which is not wastes away.”

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