20 Reasons To Get Your Smoothie On!

20 reasons to get your smoothie on
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It’s smoothie time across all of my platforms. There is a good reason why smoothies have become a staple in almost everybody’s life, and if it’s not in yours – get started! Smoothies are the perfect way to get necessary daily nutrients (and special ones for your particular needs), in one drink. Here’s 20 reasons to get your smoothie on!

  1. I can get all my daily nutrients into an 8-ounce glass.
  2. It takes less than five minutes to prepare.
  3. They taste delicious.
  4. They fill me up, so I’m less likely to overeat.
  5. They satisfy my hunger when I don’t have time to eat.
  6. They provide a ton of daily fiber, which keeps my digestive system in good order.
  7. I can customize according to my daily changing needs.
  8. I can make enough for the whole family.
  9. They make great after-school snacks.
  10. I can drink it on the go and/or take it to work with me.
  11. They give me a jolt of pure plant energy.
  12. I can include my favorite fruits and super foods.
  13. I can include my least favorite-tasting greens, and totally disguise the taste!
  14. I can make indulgent chocolatey ones for a special healthy treat.
  15. I can help to reduce inflammation in my body.
  16. I can save a ton of money by making a healthy organic smoothie at home.
  17. I can unleash my creativity by designing concoctions that no ones even heard of!
  18. I can be gorgeously green by creating a bright green smoothie filled with just greens.
  19. I can get my total daily protein intake covered in just one smoothie.
  20. I can ditch processed, sugary, and additive-filled foods with healthy foods – without even having to cook!

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