How can I be sure my beauty is cruelty-free?

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When I wrote my latest book, Gorgeous For Good, I made very clear that all the beauty products I buy need to be GOOD – not just good for my skin and the planet, but also have a good “energy” to them (I know this sounds new-agey, but you know what I mean, right?). Good energy means that it must be cruelty-free.

I’ve just downloaded the Leaping Bunny App, and it’s super useful. The first thing that it will ask you do is to take the Cruelty-free pledge! Then I can go click on “cosmetics” and get a giant list of Leaping Bunny certified products – easy.

I’m passionate about this issue. Last year a lady bought  a beautiful beagle for Adoption on the Home & Family show (where I work every week). She explained how he had been rescued from a lab, and how beagles are popular for testing because they have such sweet natures. It made me sick to my stomach. Read about The Beagle Freedom project here, where their mission is to free beagle hounds from experimentation labs. They also have a good free app called Cruelty Cutter.

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