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My good friend, Dr. John Douillard’s new book, Eat Wheat, is fascinating. It’s a backlash against our gluten-free-obsessed society because Dr. John  believes that by not eating good quality wheat, we are missing out on vital nutrients. He also thinks that by and large, gluten-free food isn’t necessarily that healthy. I agree. Gluten-free does NOT equal healthy, and can often be unhealthier because it can be filled with refined flours, sugar, gums and stabilizers.

I asked John if he could give us some tips on the back of a recent Facebook live show. So here, my friends, are the show notes/tips.

Look at your ingredients:
1. Organic whole wheat, salt, water, organic starter

2. Avoid any bread with cooked vegetable oils

3, Avoid ingredients you have never heard of

4. Avoid bread with any added sweetener no matter how healthy the sweetener sounds

5. Look for whole wheat, spelt, rye or sourdough breads that are either fermented, sprouted or soaked

Cause of the 16 Billion a year Gluten Free industry

The primary cause of the inability to digest wheat are threefold:
  1. Processed foods with cooked refined vegetable oils – Eat fresh food
  2. Pesticides on foods kill microbes that make the enzymes that digest wheat – Eat organic

  3. Environmental toxins also kill microbes that make enzymes that digest wheat – Detox regularly

Eat Wheat Science

Gluten was found in teeth of ancient humans 3.4 million years ago, suggesting we have been eating it for millions not thousands of years

Whole Wheat Not refined wheat actually decreases risk of Alzheimer by 54%

Whole Wheat Not refined wheat actually decreases risk of type 2 Diabetes in numerous studies

In fact Whole wheat has been shown to increase weight loss, heal leaky gut and increase longevity form all causes.

Ancient grains have 2x the amount of gluten than modern wheat and have 2x the reduction of inflammation – plus they lower blood sugar and cholesterol

Eat Wheat Digestive Tips

Boost Fat Burning with – Beets, celery and apple juice (blended) every morning

Boost Lymph flow which causes wheat related rashes and brain fog – Berries, cherries, cranberries, leafy green, lemon, and beets

Healing your intestinal wall with grass fed ghee and kitcheriBoost upper digestive strength to Eat Wheat with five spices: Ginger, cumin, coriander, fennel and cardamon. (Our formula is called Gentle Digest)

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