DIY Sleepy Time Tea

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There are so many herbs that have extraordinary calming properties, and others that just knock you out (in a good kind of way) before you go to bed. This is my favorite sleep-inducing tea. I found most of the dried herbs at my local health food store, which has an unusually great selection of dried herbs, but I know you can find all these in bulk at Mountain Rose Herbs. You might also want to consider making some jars or pretty tins of this tea for Holiday gifts too.


DIY Sleepy Time Tea

4 -ounce jar of tea



Simply mix all the herbs together and place in a sealed tin to keep fresh

To Use:

Fill a tea bag or small tea pot with 2 tsp of your tea, and steep for 5 minutes. It will have a slightly sweet taste, but if you need more add a few drops of Stevia or a teaspoon of raw honey.

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