How To Avoid 5 Common Makeup Mistakes

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I love makeup so much. On our recent Hello Gorgeous Wellness Retreat, we had my favorite clean and green beauty store, Credo Beauty, come and make up all the attendees. It was truly the icing on the cake on the inner work that had taken place during the retreat. Tears and laughter had been a huge part of everyone’s journey, and I think we were all ready for serious pampering. The makeup artists from Credo, Vika and Cori, transformed the conference room into a beauty parlor and got to work. There’s something about green beauty which is so beautiful  – It both enhances one’s natural features, and nourishes your skin. Conversely, many conventional designer/high street brands cover up your natural gorgeousness, and are full of questionable ingredients. Clean and Green beauty such as Credo Beauty invites us to turn our personal makeup ritual into a special self-care ritual. But not everyone knows the best way to apply makeup for ultimate enhancement. Vika and Cori taught us how to avoid 5 common makeup mistakes.

  1. Don’t use foundation that is too thick! I have quite a lot of sun damage, so my tendency is to want to cover up all the brown spots and freckles with FULL coverage. But thick foundation always catches me out in the wrong light. If you use a thicker foundation or BB Cream, add a couple of drops of serum to it. This will thin it out and leave you with a dewy glow. I particularly love using W3ll People’s Bio Tint with a few drops of Maya Chia The Highlight Of The Day.
  2. Don’t swirl the head of your brush into your bronzer. The brush will pick up way to much product and then dump it in one ugly patch on your skin (which is really hard to blend out). Instead, roll the side of the brush in the bronzer, and then apply by stroking the side of your brush in soft sweeping motions. You also need a neutral, perfectly pigmented bronzer. We love Nu Evolution Pressed Bronzer.
  3. Don’t apply eye shadow into the crease of your eye. This will make your eyes look sunken, rather than pop. Applying shadow just above the crease of the eye (particularly the outer corner) will also help to lift a hooded eye. My favorite eye palette of this season is Ilia’s Prima – literally cannot live without at this moment in time!
  4. Don’t just outline the lip with lip liner. Once your lipstick wears off, you’ll be left with only the line!! If you find a liner your love, and fill in your whole lip before adding lipstick and gloss. Our combo obsession de jour because it’s so gorgeous for the Holiday season: Kjaer Weis Classic Lip Pencil with Kosas (OMG!), Electra.
  5. Don’t apply your under eye concealer until you have finished your eye makeup. I used to make the mistake of applying concealer and foundation before doing my eyes. The shadow would then inevitably settle under my eyes, and it’s hard to remove once it’s embedded in the concealer. The makeup artists on my TV show do my eyes first, and then foundation and concealer. Also find a skin nourishing and blendable concealer such as W3ll People’s Bio Correct Concealer.

Just gotta throw in a couple more personal lip loves: For a very natural pink “baby” lip, try using Kjaer Weis Rose Pencil, with Kosas Rosewater lipstick. And btw, Kosas lipsticks are out of this world. I also adore Jane Iredale’s Just Kissed lip and cheek stain (I just use it on my lips) in Forever Pink with Jane Iredale’s Pure Gloss in Pink Lady.

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