5 Airplane Hacks To Stay Well

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We’ve hit travel season big time – and I mean winter travel season when all you hear is scary coughing and nose-blowing on every single flight. Even when it’s not cold and flu season, a sealed airline cabin is where those pesky germs love to multiply. I’m extremely careful when I fly …. according to my husband, “neurotic”, but I don’t care! I’d rather minimize my risk. And I do try to force these hacks on him too. He’s secretly VERY grateful!!! So, here are my 5 airplane hacks to stay well:-

1. Stay super hydrated: When your mucus membranes dry up they become a breeding ground for germs. I recommend drinking eight-ounces of water for every hour that you’ve above 30,000 feet.

2. Take an essential oil spray hand sanitizer with you, and use at all times! I use my EO lavender hand santizer liberally. I spray it on the arm rests and tray table as soon as I get seated. I then take it to the toilet with me and spray all over the door handles and any surface I touch. I also take a packet of anti-bacterial wipes to deal with tougher stains (on tray tables – ewwwwwww), and to wipe the touch screen on the seat in front.

3. To help me stay relaxed (which helps boost my immunity), I never travel without my large roll-on of H. Gillerman’s Essential Oil Travel Remedy. It’s truly magical.

4. Sip on Yogi Tea: The only beverage I sip on aside from water is herbal Tea. I love the Calming Blend by Yogi Tea, which is sweet, soothing and relaxing. I generally bring an empty travel mug with me to the airport. When I’ve got though security, I go find a coffee bar, and ask nicely if they’ll fill up my mug with hot water – never been refused to this day! Then I dump in my tea bag, and I’m good to go for the flight.

5. I always use my noise-canceling Bose headphones (the best investment ever!), and open one of my favorite meditation Apps, such as Insight Timer. This way I’m guided into a peaceful meditation, which serves to further boost my immune system.

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