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Sophie’s Programs

The 31-Day Plant-Powered Challenge!

Every July, October and March, I run a Plant-Powered Challenge. For 31 days, you can join a community of like-minded wellness warriors as we go plant-based together.

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Detox Your Mind, Body & Home in 6 Simple Steps

Feel like your lifestyle needs detoxification? Check out my 10-video series! Whether you’re detoxing your home, your beauty products, your diet, or your mind, this program has you covered. Not only will you receive 10 step-by-step videos, you’ll also receive countless articles, infographics, DIYs, recipes, cheat sheets and more to assist in your detoxification process.

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Sophie Blend & Cleanse Weekend

Forget all these trendy and restrictive diets – you don’t need to put your body through those extremes. You’re pushing yourself too hard already.  Your body, mind and spirit needs rest, nourishment and love.

Blended foods are way easier on your digestive system. When you rest your system, and flood your cells with micronutrients, magic happens. Your body stops hanging onto every calorie for dear life. Over the course of 2 days, you’ll nourish your body with smoothie and soup recipes designed to reset and recalibrate your health and wellness!

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