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Gavee Gold

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Gold particles in skin care are big business. Some brands at the highest end of the laughably-expensive spectrum use gold in their products, which supposedly fights wrinkles, brown spots and blah blah. I’m extremely skeptical of this ingredient because for the most part, colloidal or nano-particles are used, which can deliver unhealthy particles deep into the skin. Moreover, gold in skincare can be a major allergen.

All that being said, I was interested to sample Tiffany Andersen’s Gavee Gold skincare collection because Tiffany adheres strictly to Environmental Working Group (strict as far as non-toxic is concerned), standards. Having survived Stave IV Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma, Tiffany realized that her body could no longer filter toxins, so she needed to create a line that didn’t contain them in the first place. Tiffany is a medical aesthetician, and holistic health practitioner, who has the worldwide rights to a store of special liquid gold, which she believes is miraculously rejuvenating for mature skin. There are 7 products in the line – all containing aged oil of gold, which helps to fade age spots, and stimulates cellular growth. The Mineral Cell salts provide 12 vital minerals to the skin, and the Oil of Egg (no egg protein) improves the skin’s texture.

I was sent a mini skin care regime package to try, which included an am and pm cleanse, mist, peptide serum, elixir and cream. Also included was a diamond skin polish to be used once a week. The products are packaged beautifully – they also smell and feel absolutely wonderful. Hmmmm – I think Tiffany has done a wonderful job, and I’m sure this exquisite-looking line will have a place in many a glitzy bathroom cabinet, but I was on the fence as to whether the ingredients used would make a massive difference to my skin if used religiously. So, I took them on a road test.

I can honestly say that I am hugely impressed with the results (as are many of my friends). It’s refreshing to find a brand that is 100% safe, clean, and yet beyond luxurious. You get what you pay for, and although pricey, Gavee Gold is worth worth it’s weight in Gold! Thanks Tiffany, for pouring all your love and hard work into this incredible anti-aging line.

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