Ageless La Cure

Ageless La Cure

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Ageless La Cure sounds like something we all need, right? This anti-aging solution from Phyto5 is uber natural and holistic and comprises of a 3-week “cure” skincare protocol that will leave you looking and feeling amazing. I’m impressed by the ingredients that this Swiss company have chosen to formulate with. They use a natural botanical version of every ingredient we need for keeping our skins supple and glowing. For example, as an AHA (essential for daily exfoliation), they use tropical fruits such as mango, banana, and mombin plump. And they use edelweiss and algae for dealing with pigmentation due to sun damage.

The Ageless La Cure system is designed to prevent and reverse visible signs of aging by:

  • radically hydrating your skin (YES!)
  • using mineralizing formulations that eliminate wrinkles from the inside out
  • filling fine wrinkles from within
  • antioxidant ingredients
  • and lifting, toning and firming.

The products are very lightly scented with carefully chosen essential oils. And if you’re looking for anti-aging products, look no further than this collection Ageless La Cure has put together.

This is what Jon Canas, President, and CEO of Ageless La Cure says:

“The skin as a vital organ cannot be excessively stripped, mechanically or with acids, injected with chemicals, cut, stretched and sewn, without consequences. Likewise, what you eat, drink, breathe, and how you exercise your body, or not, will have consequences on your health as much as on your skin. Skincare is caring for your entire body. That is why it is truly a holistic proposition. Anything else is a shortcut with potentially undesirable consequences.”

Ageless La Cure products are cruelty-free, not tested on animals, vegan, gluten-free, and certified organic. These are definitely products that pair beautifully with my Gorgeous For Good program!



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