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Matcha Green Tea Nice Cream

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I am absolutely obsessed with Nice Cream – AKA vegan ice cream. Now that summer is officially en route, I’ve been thinking about healthy, vegan dessert recipes to keep me going through the summer months. And Nice Cream is my new go to. You can create any flavor you love, and it’s seriously simple.  This could not be easier guys, it starts with frozen bananas. Actually, that’s a great basic rule: Always have frozen bananas on hand. They’re great for smoothies (and are the cornerstone of my signature green smoothie), I use them ALL the time in baking, and they are one of three ingredients in this super-simple vegan dessert recipe. Here’s what you need:

  • A food processor or blender – I’m using a food processor.
  • 2.5 frozen bananas – Truthfully, I’m using 2.5 because that’s what I had in my freezer. You’ll want at least 2, but feel free to add more.
  • 1 tsp Culinary Grade Matcha Green Tea – I’m using Jade Leaf Matcha, more on them below
  • Mini-chocolate chips to taste

Dump your bananas and matcha into your food processor

Run your food processor on medium high until you get a lovely soft-serve consistency.

Stir in your chocolate chips

And enjoy before your kids see you 🙂

Ok, guys. I am obsessed with Jade Leaf Matcha. They are the most amazing matcha company – Premium, organic Japanese matcha at amazing prices. I ALWAYS have Jade Leaf in my house – culinary grade for my cooking projects, and ceremony grade for my matcha lattes. They are my go-to matcha brand, and I am so excited to share this recipe with you! You can learn more about Jade Leaf Matcha by visiting their website: