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According to countless experts, doctors, scientists and nutritionists, a plant-powered diet is the healthiest option today. People who enjoy diets rich in fruits, vegetables, grains, legumes, nuts and seeds live longer, stay leaner and quite simply, feel better (let alone leave a significantly smaller carbon footprint). 

So what are you waiting for? Join Sophie Uliano this March for a 31-day whole food, plant-based challenge! 

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What are the rules of the challenge? 

Go completely plant-based from March 1st to March 31st
No meat, cheese, eggs or dairy for just 31 days. Instead, you're going to choose vibrant, colorful, nutrient-laiden options from your favorite fruits, veggies, grains, nuts and more! 
Join the community 
You'll have access to the participant-only "secret" Facebook Group, where you'll get daily support and an incredible community to guide you on your journey. There is so many wonderful things that happen on the Facebook Group - Livestreams, daily recipe sharing, Q&A ... If you're not on Facebook, you'll want to join to participate fully in the challenge! 
Feel incredible
You'll be surprised how amazing you feel after just a few days of being plant-based. Be sure to share your transformation with the Facebook Group, and your family and friends!  
Why plant-based? Why a challenge? 
Why go plant-based? Because if you're goal is to live longer, lose unwanted pounds and eat sustainably, plant-based is the way to go!  I am all about a gentle transition to the healthiest way of eating. Most diets fail because they are too overwhelming, too restrictive, and plain boring. Enjoy a beautiful, plant-based diet is a learning curve. You need to learn a few new cooking skills, your taste buds need to adjust, and you have to know what you need to set yourself up for success. This challenge will have you covered on all fronts! 

I'm positive in 31-days you can reboot your health and kickstart a wellness routine by going completely plant-based! This can be a daunting task to just wake up one day and decide to go completely meat-, dairy-, egg-free, but you can do anything for 31 days right? Plus you're going to have incredible tools and support to get you there! I'm joining you on this journey, and we can achieve anything together! 


I’m all about letting go of what no longer serves you. And I am going to bet that there are a few foods and eating habits that could do with a makeover in your home!

So join me on this dynamic challenge and by going ALL in, you’ll experience BIG results.

Your body knows how to heal. Every cell of your being contains wisdom. Affirm this everyday. Listen to your body’s wisdom. Feed it what it really needs.

You won't go it alone ... 
By signing up for this challenge, you're going to receive a ton of support and materials to guide and inspire you through the 31 days. Immediately after registration, you'll receive Sophie's Plant-Powered Primer, an in-depth dive into the frequently asked questions about a plant-based diet. During the challenge, we've got you covered with ... 

Daily, info-packed video delivered straight to your inbox
For each of the 31 days of this challenge, you're getting an information-rich video sent straight to your email. We'll be myth busting, deep diving and learning together, all from the comfort of your inbox. 
Daily plant-based recipes delivered straight to your inbox
Is your #1 hesitation that you don't know what you'll eat? Fear not, along with the daily videos, you'll get a daily recipe idea for you and your family! 

Access to the challenge-only Facebook Group
Like any hero, you need support to conquer this challenge. The challenge's "secret" Facebook group is invite-only, which means only challenge participants can join. Be ready to make friends and share inspiration with a group of like-minded wellness warriors. 

Exclusive "group therapy" with Sophie
Listen, we get it! It's called a "challenge" for a reason. That's why I'm going to do 5 scheduled Facebook Lives directly into the Facebook Group to answer your questions. Think of this as your whole foods, plant-based therapy - I'm here for you! Ask me anything, I'll bring the "real talk!"
Grocery store shopping guide for Sophie’s must-haves for your diet
Shopping for a whole food, plant-powered diet is a very different experience than you're probably used to. This guide will show you how to read labels, pick the best option, and take your health to the next level. 
In-depth video tutorials to guide your plant-based journey
I love to learn by watching videos, and we're making the learning so easy in this challenge. We'll send you videos designed to further your knowledge and empower you to eat foods that nourish you at the cellular level! 
A guide to stock your plant-powered kitchen
Need a last-minute dinner? Fear not, you'll have everything you need waiting for you. This guide will help you clear the unwanted pantry items, stock up your fridge and be ready for anything! 
A supplement cheat sheet
Supplements on a plant-based diet are breeze with this easy-to-understand cheat sheet. You'll be surprised at how little you need once you go whole food, plant-based! 
The brand new Plant-Powered Community Recipe Book! 
Over 50 recipes from Sophie and alums in the Plant-Powered Community. These recipes are your inspiration during the challenge
So, what are you waiting for? 
This challenge is ready for YOU! For just $31, you'll get everything listed above to guide on a 31-day plant-based journey.

If you've ever thought, "I need to go plant-based, but it's just too hard," then this challenge is your golden ticket baby. For just $1-a-day, you'll get a whole new look on life through green-colored glasses. Click the button below to register TODAY!