Mind Body Gorgeous Package Wellness Coaching - Sophie Uliano

Mind Body Gorgeous Package Wellness Coaching

As a board-certified holistic nutritionist and wellness coach, my passion is to work with women to help them improve their overall wellness. My clients want to gain energy, lose unwanted pounds, improve their skin, and connect to their true life purpose. I work with women who want to create a disease-prevention focused nutrition program, which focuses on a whole food, plant-based diet. Many of my clients need to make significant changes after a diagnosis or surgery. I help my clients make manageable changes in their busy lives – small changes that yield big results.

Over the course of my signature “Mind Body Gorgeous” package, I’ll spend time getting to know you, your concerns, and your health goals. I will then create a customized program for you, which will address your specific needs, and check in with you 30 days later to see how you are doing. Holistic wellness coaching will help you to press the reset button, and take your beautiful self in the direction that you and your body needs to go. We all need a little nudge every now and again … allow me the privilege!

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