We are so sorry if you couldn't join us for Gorgeous For Good LA! Be sure to stay in touch about upcoming wellness retreats and events! 
​​​​​​Gorgeous for Good beauty

Holistic skin consultations, beauty makeovers & more! 
Hormone balancing

With Candace Burch from Your Hormone Balance

Mindful meditation RX

Fitness & foam rolling

With celebrity trainer Ashley Borden

Plant-based vegan lunches

Handcrafted by award-winning chef Roy Choi

Sustainable stilettos vegan fashion show

With LA's most renowned sustainable brands

Guided visualization & intention setting

With Sophie Uliano to help you achieve every wellness goal
Psychic card reading 

$1,000+ gift bag

With THE BEST in sustainable beauty, experiences and surprises

Zero-waste event

Ticket proceeds benefit 5 Gyres

“To be with Sophie is to be so caught up in the thrill of potential good.”
- Julia Roberts
General Admission -

Two FULL days of wellness workshops and presentations including: creating your wellness "bank account" with Sophie, nutrition for beauty & disease prevention, hormone balance with Candace Burch, creating an easy home fitness routine, Mindful Meditation Rx with Amanda Gilbert, green beauty & skincare symposium, detoxing your home, beautiful money, yoga with The Yoga Healer, and much more!

Restorative, gentle yoga sessions for all fitness levels

Q&A following each workshop

Lunch & snacks catered by The LINE Hotel & Chef Roy Choi (valued over $60)

Welcome kit/Gift Bag packed with the day’s essentials (worth $1,000)

Bond with Sophie, and become part of her tribe of well-informed, passionate wellness warriors (and make besties for life!)

Access to the private Gorgeous For Good Los Angeles Facebook Group where you’ll find continuing support along your wellness journey from Sophie and your new community


Includes everything with Regular Ticket PLUS: 

A healthy hormone consultation with hormone educator and speaker, Candace Burch for the first 15 VIPs who register (valued over $150)

Reserved front-row seating in all sessions 

Priority check-in at the event

An "age well" skincare gift bag with your new Gorgeously Green skin care regimen products (valued over $500)

Customized DIY skincare workshop with Sophie featuring incredible products (valued over $250)

VIP dinner featuring a special, plant-based menu created by celebrity chef Roy Choi on Saturday night with Sophie, speakers and surprise guests (valued over $200)

VIP-only oracle deck reading experience at dinner on Saturday (valued over $150)

Gorgeous Tote Bag with edible goodies galore (valued over $50) 

Planning a #GirlsTrip for 5 or more? Think your book club would love to attend? Wanna bring your besties from the office? Email for group rates! 
All times subject to change

8:15a - Check-in begins
Join us early and explore our wellness marketing and your Gorgeous For Good Signature Gift Bag

9:00a - Welcome by Sophie Uliano

9:20a - Christine Burke + chair yoga
Wear something comfortable, we're starting our morning with a stretch

9:45a - Amanda Gilbert + meditation
Learn about meditation from a true master - Get ready for a group session and some group learning!

11:00a - Sophie Uliano + plant-based nutrition
Get ready to explore nutrition in a way you never have before

12:00p - Candace Burch + hormone health
Take a deep dive into the field of hormone studies as we discuss all your deepest questions

1:00p - Lunch
Who's excited for a plant-based menu designed entirely by Chef Roy Choi

1:30p - Shrankhla Holecek + Ayurveda + aromatherapy
Join the founder of UMA oils for a seminar about essential oils and wellness
2:00 - Sophie Uliano + home detox
Let's go room-by-room to explore how your home can be optimized for your family's health and wellness

3:00p - Sophie Chiche from ShapeHouse

3:30p - Ashley Borden + fitness & foam rolling
Remember those comfortable clothes? Get ready to learn the art of foam rolling first hand!

7:00a - Christine Burke + Sunrise Yoga
The Yoga Healer is back for a gorgeous sun salutation and yoga practice - Bring your mats!

7:45a - Sophie Uliano + your wellness goals
Get ready to achieve anything!

9:00a - Eco-Fashion Show
Join us for the greenest, fabbest fashion in town!

10:00a - Beauty Panel
Join Jackie Johnson and our panel of beauty experts for a candid discussion about our favorite topic! 

11:30a - Skincare Panel
Who said we're just covering beauty? We're bringing in Hollywood's own Kym Douglas for a panel with skincare's top formulators and founders! 

12:45p - Lunch + wellness market
Roy choi is back with another gorgeous lunch while we explore the wellness market!

1:00p - Lunch & Learn with Laura Klein + Organic Authority
Learn all about organic products, what you need, what you don't, and where to spend your money! 

1:30p - Dr. Prudence Hall + Thyroid & Adernal Health
Dr. Hall is here to shed light on our most intriguing questions!

2:00p - Leanne Jacobs + Beautiful Money
Let's keep your vegan, cruelty-free wallet healthy too with financial wellness tips! 

3:00p - Sound Bath Healing
Let us send you home after an incredible sound healing experience. Be prepared to be amazed! 
Hormone Educator
Candace Burch
Candace Burch, M.A., has been working in health promotion and disease prevention for over 25 years as a woman’s health advocate, and champion of natural approaches (nutrition, herbs, supplements, bioidentical hormones exercise, and stress management) to hormone balance. Read more here!
Fitness Guru
Ashley Borden
Ashley Borden is a fitness & lifestyle consultant to some of Hollywood's most recognizable faces. Her unique approach to fitness can be attributed to having tackled her own personal struggles, transforming them into a positive philosophy and dynamic training program – making her one of the most sought-after experts in her field.
Read more here! 
Meditation For Daily Living
Amanda Gilbert
Amanda is a modern day teacher, guide and facilitator in meditation and mindfulness. Her passion comes from her own life experience where meditation not only healed her from a traumatic life event, but catapulted her into living a life filled with meaning, purpose, joy and awakening.
Read more here!
The Yoga Healer
Christine Burke
Christine Burke believes that through the healing and transformation that a yoga practice provides each individual comes to experience the magical and beautiful nature of their true selves and come to know that it is found in love and peace. Christine is also known as The Yoga Healer and has published a book under the same name.
Read more here!

Founder of The Hall Center

Dr. Prudence Hall
Dr. Prudence Hall is a physician with a vision. A traditional gynecological surgeon and practitioner turned pioneer of integrated and regenerative medicine, Dr. Hall strives to help clients achieve optimal health and  prevent disease without the use of pharmaceutical drugs when appropriate. Read more here!
Hollywood's Beauty Expert
Kym Douglas
Kym Douglas is a television host, bestselling author, beauty, fashion and lifestyle expert and comedy actress. She is also a coveted contributor to magazines and editorials around the country. Kym can be seen sharing all her latest beauty and lifestyle tips as a Family Member on Hallmark Channel’s Home & Family. In addition and on the The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Read more here! 
Natch Beaut
Jackie Johnson

As a comedian and self-proclaimed beauty passionista, Jackie attempts to take the seriousness, mysteries, and intimidation out of makeup and skincare as she gabs with fellow artists about what beauty and self-care means to them. Her podcast is vegan, cruelty-free, and available anywhere you listen to your podcasts. Read more here! 

Beautiful Money
Leanne Jacobs
Leanne Jacobs is the author of Beautiful Money and a financial wellness educator. Leanne's work is based on almost 2 decades of study, practice, more practice and commitment- to living a life of truth + authenticity + alignment. Leanne will teach you how to practice money alchemy and how to create true holistic wealth. You will learn the 4 pillars for creating joyful and meaningful wealth. Ready more here! 
MyChelle Dermaceuticals
Kimberly Heathman

Through more than 25 years as a beauty professional and executive focusing on transparency in the industry, Kimberly has developed a comprehensive skill set fusing bold creative branding and product development, with deep experience in lifestyle retail and consumer-centric experiences. Read more here! 

Director of PR for DERMAFLASH
Jennifer Chan

Jennifer Chan passionate about inspiring confidence in real women everywhere. Jennifer makes it her mission to make fashion and beauty trends fun, relatable and inclusive to all skin tones, body shapes and lifestyles.  Prior to working for DERMAFLASH, she was an established fashion and beauty editor, style expert and on-air host.   ​​Read more here! 

The Skin Whisperer
Emily Fritchey

Emily Fritchey is a Holistic Skin Therapist and CEO of Sunshine Botanicals whose cutting-edge approach to skin transformation has made her an award-winning product formulator and expert on the use and application of herbal medicine and botanical skin treatments for aging and problem skin conditions. Read more here! 

Founder of GRESSA
Svetlana Zakharevich

Svetlana Zakharevich is the founder of GRESSA Skin, born out of the desire to create a product line worthy of a woman’s delicate skin. Her passion stems from a family history of traditional herbalism, her own scientific background and a desire for fine and extraordinary lifestyle rituals to replace modern habits.
Read more here. 

Founder of Green Line Beauty
Stacey Stilts

After over 20 years in the natural cosmetics industry, Stacey Stilts founded the all-natural and organic skin care boutique Green Line Beauty in 2009. Green Line Beauty features only pure, natural and organic skin care and cosmetics, and Stacey carefully evaluates every product she offers,  based on formula quality, effectiveness and purity. Read more here! 

Clairvoant and Card Reader


Harriet is a skilled clairvoyant tarot reader, reiki healer, teacher and white witch. A long road of change and transformation eventually led her to Los Angeles where she lives out her purpose of being in service. To attune to her sessions, Harriet performs ritual magic to raise her vibration and create clear sacred space. Read more here! 

Founder of Saavy Naturals
Hugo Saavedra
Hugo Saavedra and his wife Debra are the Founder of Saavy Naturals, a luxurious yet 100% food-grade body care brand. Hugo took his great love of food and translated it into a passion for body care. Hugo and Debra have now co-created two multi-million dollar global body care brands. Read more here!
Founder of EVOLVh
Boris Oak

Boris Oak is the founder of EVOLVh Luxury Natural Haircare. Boris’ vision was to create high performance hair products using natural and organic ingredients.  EVOLVh products are known for their high concentrations of short-chain amino and fatty acids as well as powerful botanicals that produce visible improvement in hair texture and appearance from the very first use. Read more here! 

Founder of Shape House
Sophie Chiche

Sophie is a French-American entrepreneur, sweat activist and the founder of Shape House. Shape House specializes in infrared treatments, designed to enhance your overall quality of health from the inside out, through a spa like experience. After having gone through an extreme and personal transformation in which Sophie lost 180 pounds, she has dedicated her life to helping others live their life in a detoxed, rejuvenated, state. Read more here. 

Co-founder of Organic Authority, Inc

Laura Klein

Laura a trained chef, and healthy living expert, is a passionate advocate in today’s food revolution movement.  Laura is passionate about using technology and digital media to help solve America’s health and obesity crisis. Her mission: To change the world one reader at a time by inspiring change through conscious living and empowering individuals to live that change. Read more here. 

Founder of UMA Oils
Shrankhla Holecek

Shrankhla Holecek was raised in India, immersed in the knowledge and cultural tradition of Ayurveda and holistic medicine. When she moved to Beverly Hills for business school, she found herself surrounded by misappropriations of the rituals and practices she had grown up with. Frustrated, she decided it was time to create a line of products that would do justice to her family’s heritage, and its extraordinary legacy of craftsmanship. Read more here!

Eco Fashion Queen
Deborah Lindquist
Deborah was originally trained at Parsons School of Design in New York City. After a successful career in Manhattan designing unique Milanese mesh belts and jewelry (using a mix of vintage materials and semiprecious stones with mesh), she moved to Los Angeles in 1989 and launched her clothing line, starting with one-of-a-kind jackets, vests, and bustiers made of vintage romantic floral and tropical barkcloth, jacquard, and Indian blanket fabrics. Read more here!
Founder of Lauren B Beauty
Lauren Berkovitz

Lauren B. founded her namesake nail care company in 2013. Lauren is pursuing her lifelong dream of elevating nail care for busy women, while filling a need for healthy products that do not compromise health for beauty. Lauren B. Beauty takes a holistic approach to nail care, offering beautiful, luxury and eco-friendly products that are vegan, 7-free of harmful chemicals, and proudly made in the U.S. Read more here. 

Sound Healer

Danielle Goldfarb

Always curious about different modalities to heal, Danielle stumbled into a kundalini class and heard, and intensely felt, the effects of a gong. The vibrations changed the landscape of her thoughts and eventually her life. Attending sound baths for several months, Danielle realized her own desire to serve others and heal further, becoming a certified sound practitioner. She plays at studios, workplaces and homes and enjoys helping people heal. Read more here. 

Gem Goddess
Jill Williams

jillijewels are one-of-a-kind designs made with unique, natural gemstones that have healing energies. Each one is handpicked and custom made by Los Angeles jewelry designer, Jill Williams. Jilli handwrites a special intention, energy card for each creation describing how it can help us awaken to our highest potential and co-create a more loving, joyful, peaceful existence. Read more here!

Style God
Lawrence Zarian

Lawrence is one of the most sought after on-camera lifestyle & fashion experts in the television industry today with on-air experience of over 20 years, and author of the highly successful fashion “Bible”, Lawrence Zarian’s 10 Commandments for a Perfect Wardrobe. With energy and sharp insight, he is at home in every situation; from the award season red carpet, to hosting his own show, to even making over a family of five from Ohio. Read more here!

Founder of MINK
Rebecca Mink

Founder and designer Rebecca Mink has lead the fashion industry toward sustainable production. Rebecca pioneered luxurious non-leather high performance materials. As a lifelong animal advocate, Rebecca saw a lack of high-end vegan shoes and set about building an alternative. The first luxury vegan shoe collection was born! Read more here. 

Meditation Healer
Cassandra Bodzak

Cassandra Bodzakis the best selling author of “Eat with Intention: Recipes and Meditations for a Life the Lights You Up” and the founder of the online mind-body-soul support community, Cassandra teaches women to create rituals using food, meditation, and self-care to create sustainable success and wellbeing. Read more here. 

What you'll learn at Gorgeous for Good!

Why my nutritional philosophy can help you lose unwanted pounds and prevent disease, and how to implement this diet into your life.
Why it’s vitally important to balance your hormones, and more importantly, how you can do this at home
Why your current fitness program is failing you, and how a simple workout can change your life
Why meditation is the foundation of my philo-Sophie and exactly how introduce a practice into your everyday.
Why your beauty regimen might be in need of a makeover!
Why you need to know about your “body burden” and how to minimize the toxic load
And finally, why “detox” is a dirty word, but how to do it anyways
Gorgeous For Good will include:

Rise and Shine Yoga
This will get the blood flowing, the energy levels up, and put you in the right headspace to absorb all of the goodness that's about to come your way
Living Mindfully and Learning How To Meditate
This session will focus on stress relief, hormone balance, and achieving optimum wellness, along with a practical "how to" a daily mindful meditation
Get Out Of Your Own Way
Find out if you've been your own roadblock to success through self-doubt and limiting beliefs, and then learn how to stop being your own worst enemy
Why are you here?
Learn the secret to discovering your true purpose.

Hormone Balancing Workshop
Uncover the causes and effects of hormone imbalances, how to recognize symptoms and get tested, and the lifestyle and diet changes you can make to help reset those hormones

Health Issues We Don't Talk About Enough: Digestive, Thyroid, Autoimmune, Inflammation
Discuss various common health issues that affect most people but are still rarely talked about, while also clearing up myths and misconceptions, and addressing your most pertinent questions about how to deal and diagnose

Learn to love your gorgeous body

Post-baby, post-yoyo dieting and post-menopause.

Program your body
Put mind over matter by constructing a fitness routine your body loves that builds muscle and maintains bone strength for years to come.  

Eat Your Way To Wellness
Discover how plant-based nutrition can help you gain energy, lose unwanted pounds, and prevent diseases, as well as coming up with an eating plan that works for you
Nutritional Myth Busting
Address these commonly-held beliefs about what you think is good for you (and actually isn't). You'll be surprised what you learn. 
Learn about inflamm-aging
Diet is a significant part if premature aging and disease. We'll address this often-ignored piece of the nutritional puzzle. 
Create a customized meal plan
Set yourself up for success. Master the art of meal planning, strategy and execution to keep  yourself full, healthy and on-budget! 

Customizing Your Skincare Routine
Take home the best information and products available today and create a routine that is perfect for your skin
Meet the formulators and founders
Meet the braintrusts behind your favorite brands. 
Frequently Asked Questions!
Who is this event for? 
Women of any age, physical ability, health level and walk of life who feel passionately that wellness needs to be a priority. You don't need to be a vegan yogi to feel at home on this retreat. We welcome women on any phase of their wellness journey to come, as you are, on this retreat.
Do we have a lunch break?
Yes! And we're serving amazing lunches! We love (and need) our meals and snack breaks. We're willing to guess you'll leave this event well-fed, and maybe with a new favorite snack!
What do I need to bring?
Most important: Your gorgeous self. But you should also bring comfortable clothes, a notebook for copious note-taking, sunglasses because it's California, and a super positive attitude!
Where should I stay?
When you book, you'll get a discount code to book at The LINE Hotel. But, there are tons of great hotels and rentals near by if you want to use points or have a more "homey" option!
What should I wear?
Whatever you're comfortable in! We'll be in yoga pants and tennis shoes for most of the day - So please feel free to be comfortable too! 
Are there payment plans available?
Yes! You have the option to pay in full now, or to make a 50% deposit! The remaining 50% will be billed to your card 4 weeks before the event! 
Are there refunds available if I can't make it?
All purchases are final and non-refundable. 
Is there a group discount rate available? 
You betcha! Email us for group rates of 5 or more!
Can I bring my husband?
We love husbands - Bring him to Los Angeles, but send him to the beach for the day, because this is a women-only event!
Can I bring my mother or daughter? 
YES! We love mums and daughters! The event is best suited for women over 18. 
Will I be lonely if I come solo?
NOOOOOOOO! On the contrary. You will make BFFs and besties for life at this event, We promise! 
What if I'm pregnant?
All the more reason for you to attend. You'll learn how to not only take care of yourself, but your growing family. 

I loved the professionalism, the level of knowledge, the speakers were top notch, the food was fresh and delicious and the atmosphere/scenery couldn't have been more beautiful.

I feel blessed to have been able to participate in such a life-changing retreat.  The information shared and the healthy practices demonstrated will stay with me forever. I want every woman I know to do this retreat!!

I gained a new perspective on life, while having fun, learning so much about fitness, health, beauty and spirit. The energy of all the women was phenomenal. So glad I choose to do it!!!!

I really feel that it was life changing. I learned so much and had so much fun. I met gorgeous, like-minded women. I discovered things about myself that I had totally forgotten. I prioritized myself for a couple of days and came home a better version of me.
Philanthropic Partner
A portion of all proceeds from this event will be donated to 5 Gyres, empowering action against the global health crisis of plastic pollution through science, education, and adventure inspires us all. 
A portion of all proceeds from this event will be donated to Farm Sanctuary, founded in 1986 to combat the abuses of factory farming and encourage a new awareness and understanding about farm animals. 
Event Partners
Event Supporters
Wellness made REAL with Sophie Uliano, New York Times bestselling author, certified holistic nutritionist, and wellness educator