Ep 073 | Step By Step Makeup Tutorial - Anti-Aging Beauty Routine - Sophie Uliano

Ep 073 | Step By Step Makeup Tutorial – Anti-Aging Beauty Routine

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LIVE step-by-step makeup tutorial with the lovely Marcie Lakin – Eco Makeup Artist featuring some of my favorite products from Vapour Organic Beauty, Jane Iredale, Eleve Cosmetics, Pacifica Beauty, Honeybee Gardens, Suntegrity Skincare and Hynt Beauty. Anything that makes you feel amazing, anything that enhances you where you can look in the mirror and feel beautiful, you’re really just showing your inner beauty and using make up as a tool. When we do, what we love – That’s what makes us beautiful. The wonderful Marcie Lakin [https://goo.gl/raQFoZ] gives us an excellent makeup tutorial with some great tips! We have links to all of the products used in this tutorial so feel free to shop around! We started with the One Love Organics Wonder Balm [https://goo.gl/QxqapB] to prime the skin and help to hydrate. Marcie added a concealer from Eleve [https://goo.gl/jrquWp]. Next up is a pure pressed mineral makeup foundation from Jane Iredale [https://goo.gl/oVjp6x]. Marcie has a great tip, to use a Chandanni spray [https://goo.gl/NNe7K1], spritz a little onto your hands and then press it into the face. The Jane Iredale quad bronzer is next [https://goo.gl/k6F197] One of my absolute favorite makeup palette’s, the Pure and Simple makeup palette from Jane Iredale [https://goo.gl/CCGq4e] Eleve provided the eye shadow palette [https://goo.gl/5zV11T], Marcie recommends 2 colors, maybe a third for a little pop. Marcie is using a Honeybee Gardens Eyeliner [https://goo.gl/Viucqg], these are great because they are completely non-toxic. Eyeliner is so close to the eye that it’s a good idea to use a non-toxic eyeliner and mascara. The mascara we’re using is from Pacifica [https://goo.gl/78DB12], also non-toxic. For the lip Marcie is using a lip stain from Eleve [https://goo.gl/SQEJwd], the name of this one is Miami! After the stain Marcie put on a little lip gloss to help the eyes pop, this is a libre gloss from Hynt Beauty, this one is called Un Femme [https://goo.gl/gV8Nz2].


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