Ep 071 | Gentle, Restorative Yoga Class For Beginners - Sophie Uliano

Ep 071 | Gentle, Restorative Yoga Class For Beginners

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Join me live for a lovely, quick yoga class with Michelle from TRIO – Mind Body Spirit Studio (http://trioyoga.com/). Yoga is an excellent way to bring health and relaxation into your life. With a gentle practice, a flow class, a restorative session, or even classes that combine cardio with yoga can ease your body into living a healthy lifestyle. Michelle teaches us an accessible yoga practice that can help connect your breath and teach you how to breathe. Prana is a vital force within your breath that becomes the vehicle to carry the Prana within the yoga practice. You want to make sure to sit in a way that breathing can help bring the breath from the bottom of the spine to the top and back down as a way to connect the breath to your body. It is fundamentally important to learn how to breathe for yoga purposes. Additionally it is vital to understand how to do poses appropriately, doing poses incorrectly can do more harm than good. Namaste.

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