Ep 009 | Beauty, Skincare and Makeup Shopping at The Detox Market - Sophie Uliano

Ep 009 | Beauty, Skincare and Makeup Shopping at The Detox Market

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Today I’m coming to you “live” from the Detox Market in Los Angeles (https://goo.gl/8dXfMz) and I am so excited to take you on my first ever live beauty shop (there’s lots more where this came from for sure). So, leave any questions in the comments, and I’ll do my best to put product links in the description below! I am so obsessed with Facebook Live as a platform! It’s so amazing, I’m going back and migrating my old videos to YouTube so they can live forever! To tune into my Facebook Lives, like me on Facebook.com/GorgeouslyGreen!

Couple of links to the products I mentioned!
Detox Market // https://goo.gl/8dXfMz
Zoe Organics // https://www.zoeorganics.com/
Hurraw Chapsticks // https://goo.gl/5kAaK2
The Beauty Chef // https://goo.gl/qLrbGL
Addictive Wellness // https://www.addictivewellness.com/
Health Force Supplements // https://goo.gl/7XorJo
Moon Juice Dusts // https://goo.gl/5KauMY
Sun Potion // https://goo.gl/X4obpA
Lotus Wei // https://goo.gl/RMoQEw
One Love Organics // https://goo.gl/2s7Gfx
Rahua Hair Care // https://goo.gl/X4gtTC
Josh Rosebrook // https://goo.gl/D9hqtC
CV Skinlabs // https://goo.gl/SPsHWA
Odacite // https://goo.gl/QMR56b
May Lindstrom // https://goo.gl/p9FB3R
Tammy Fender // https://goo.gl/YvhECS
MV Organics // https://goo.gl/Wpd6j2
Suntegrity // https://goo.gl/ZN6zqW
Vapour // https://goo.gl/F7uBYY
Alima Pure // https://goo.gl/v2wrc8
Ilia // https://goo.gl/YNjzmF
W3ll People // https://goo.gl/hfzdGA
RMS Beauty // https://goo.gl/RqEPKU