Meet Sophie - Sophie Uliano

Meet Sophie

Sophie Uliano is New York Times best-selling author of Gorgeously Green, and has written 3 additional books on healthy living. She was featured on Oprah’s Earth Day show, where she shared her healthy lifestyle with Oprah and Julia Roberts (who wrote the forward to her first book).  

Sophie made made healthy and eco-conscious living TOTALLY accessible . She took green out of the yurt and into the real world. Good Housekeeping dubbed Sophie, “A Mary Poppins for the new Millennium”.

Sophie is a board-certified holistic nutritionist, and health coach. She specializes in helping women over 45 to lose unwanted pounds and prevent disease. 

Sophie’s Gorgeously Green YouTube channel covers every aspect of wellness (recipes, DIY’s, product reviews, interviews and more..). 

Sophie’s  10-Week “Ignite Your Life” Intensive Coaching program is a powerful way for women to completely transform their health and wellness from the inside out. In this mastermind coaching intensive, Sophie works personally with clients by taking them on a immersive wellness journey.

“I LOVE to see my clients shed all those unwanted pounds, (and keep them off for good), rekindle their joy of living, and jump out of bed every morning with youthful vitality”.

If you’d like to book a Breakthrough Call with Sophie to discuss your eligibility for the program, click here.

A note from Sophie…

Hello Gorgeous!

Can you imagine leaping out of bed each morning, excited to greet the day?  Raring to go because you’re have a renewed sense of energy. Yep, you’re ready to hurl yourself into the flow of your life … you’ve got exciting stuff to do, families to love, friends to cheer on, dreams to achieve, actions to take that will leave the world better a better place!

Further, can you imagine being your ideal weight without having to go on yet one more fad diet?

Think of me as your personal health coach, ready to up-level you, and your life.  I now have information available on nearly every health/wellness/beauty topic. If you can’t find what you need on my website, YouTube, books or Facebook

Brass tacks: I eat a whole foods plant-based diet because it helps me maintain my ideal weight effortlessly. I also eschew animal products for ethical, environmental, and health reasons. I recommend this way of eating for health and weight-loss to my clients. I exercise as much as possible (10 minutes here and 30 minutes there, to make up about a full hour a day). I take care of my skin with high-quality “green” skin care products (that change all the time because I’m constantly reviewing goodies that come my way). I clean and scent my home with the healthiest options available. I dedicate time to unplug from technology and meditate. And I find personal fulfillment in being of service to others. That right there is pretty much my philosophy (or philo-Sophie, if you will). 

And, I’m no new age guru! My house is not full of crystals, nor my fridge full of charcoal lemonade.  I dye my hair, and eat (oh horror of horrors), the odd vegan croissant or French baguette slathered in jelly. But I follow the science, and practice every single thing I preach.

I’m obsessed with good health for one reason and one reason only: I want to live my absolute best life from this point on. When we get to a certain age, we look at the road ahead of us. And we get to decide how we want to show up for the precious decades ahead. We get to decide how we want to feel in our bodies. 

My obsession with optimum health has led me into over a decade of deep scientific research.  The truth is, there’s an awful lot of confusing/conflicting pseudoscience out there, so my intention is to try to bring you only  information that is rooted in solid evidence-based science.  Easier said than done with the crazy influx of information populating your feeds, so please allow me to do the homework for you.


Living in Hollywood, I’ve been lucky enough to teach some of the most gorgeous women on earth, including Oprah and Julia Roberts, to live a greener, healthier life. My responsibility to you, as I trudge this happy path, is to keep up with the latest research so that we can nerd out together.

Your Big Priority

I invite you to make your wellness a priority NOW. Don’t wait for the wake-up call that forces you to live a lifestyle that is less-than-pleasant. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. But, we tend to have an inbuilt resistance to do what’s really good for us. Plus, we’re swimming against the tide of stress, a broken food system, dollars that won’t stretch far enough, and people who don’t get us. However, I encourage you to put YOU top of your priority list – Gotta put your own oxygen mask on first, right?

Wellness might be a series of experiments for you. Maybe a 100% plant-based diet doesn’t work for you, but at least try it before you say “no”. Maybe you love spinning, but haven’t ever picked up a kettle bell. Maybe you’ll consider a just a few minutes of meditation before you start scrolling!

Life is relatively short, so stop with the extreme diets and protocols that lead to short term weight-loss and long-term ill health. You only have one life. 

Finally, if you feel a bit lost in the wellness woods, and want to get started on a new, healthier way of living, book a FREE breakthrough call with me, and we get get clarity on where you’re at. 

I also encourage you to join my loving, supportive tribe of men and women who inspire me every single day to be a better person.

Love & Light