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Rose + Vanilla Deodorant by Schmidt’s Naturals

Hey guys, this is an update to an already existing review, but I just HAD to tell you about the new scent from Schmidt’s Naturals. Rose + Vanilla is a major game changer.

First, let’s talk about natural deodorant. I cannot tell you how many people complain that it doesn’t work. And here’s my go-to response: Then you haven’t tried Schmidt’s.

Want proof? I’m test running another natural deodorant as I type, and have been for the past two weeks. Inevitably, around 2p, I catch a whiff of myself, realize this new deodorant isn’t working, and go straight for the Schmidt’s (note to self to throw that other, inferior deodorant away, skip the hassle and start my day with Schmidt’s).

This new scent is light, feminine and functional (because really, who cares what it smells like upon application if it doesn’t work 4 hours later). It’s my new go-to, I love it. And I was so excited to share it with attendees at the Hello Gorgeous Retreat because there really is only one deodorant that can stand up to the humidity of Miami!

So, you can read my original Schmidt’s review here, if you’re curious. Schmidt’s is now offering stick deodorant (hallelujah), so don’t waste another minute. Go get your Schmidt’s TODAY.

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