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Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner by Mukti

Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner by Mukti

I’m not huge on toners (they’re so easy to make yourself, sometimes I find it hard to justify the expense), but I’m willing to break my own rules for amazing products. Which is why I just HAVE to tell you about the Rose Blossom Hydrating Mist Toner by Mukti. 

So here’s why I love this product: It is deeply nourishing and hydrating, while also toning your skin. And that’s because of the amazing active ingredients (Mukti calls these “bio active native extracts” – LOVE): kakadu plum, kangaroo paw flower & snowflower – Delicious. 

It’s also vegan, nut-, gluten- and palm oil-free. Amazing, right? 

And it smells amazing – Rosey, without overpowering. And it’s specially formulated to relax the skin, so I definitely use it before bed time (because, who couldn’t use a little extra relaxation). Mostly, I just feel refreshed after using, which is absolutely invaluable to me!

So here’s how I use it: At the end of the day, after a double-cleanse to remove my makeup and refresh my skin, I use about 5 sprays all over my face and neck. And I just let it dry (takes about 5 minutes, so I brush my teeth). Once it’s dry, I assess if I need a moisturizer or not – Usually not, to be honest. And I have to admit, I’ve used EVERY LAST DROP in the bottle. It’s the best!! You can absolutely use it throughout the day too – It’s great for a quick refresh to feel great! 

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