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Refining Sugar Cleanser by MyChelle

Ok, I have to tell you a little story about how I met this cleanser (because we definitely had a meet-cute). I’m walking the floor of Expo West, completely overwhelmed by products. I mean, it’s literally two football feels of stuff – Food and supplements and fitness supplies and products for as far as the eye can see. When upon my horizon, MyChelle appears. And Kimberly, from MyChelle, who I absolutely love, welcomes me into their booth and proceeds to demonstrate none other than … This scrub. And as she takes my hand, she explains that this is a scrub unlike any other. Use it on dry skin for an exfoliating, gritty treatment to boost cell turnover. Or add water for a foamy, creamy cleanser to gently lift dirt and makeup. I watched in awe as this scrub turned to cleanser with just a spritz of water – One use and I was sold.

I’ve kept this cleanser in my gym bag ever since, and here’s why: After a good sweat, this is the only cleanser I want on my skin. I love the scrub when right after I’m done with my workout, but the foaming cleanser keeps my skin soft and fresh.

So, we’ve all heard about certain exfoliators that aren’t so good for your skin or the planet – Ingredients like microbeads or angular, sharp exfoliants that are too abrasive. No need to event THINK about those ingredients in this scrub, which uses natural crystals from cane sugar (it even smells sweet).

After using, my skin feels fuller, more vibrant, and totally prepped for makeup. And at an unbelievable cost (the $25 bottle will last for months), you’ll never go back.

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