Rebuilding Moisturizer by Tata Harper - Sophie Uliano

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Rebuilding Moisturizer by Tata Harper

A haiku to celebrate the amazing Rebuilding Moisturizer by Tata Harper:

Light, purely quenching

A lightweight moisturizer

A perfect ending

Tata Harper is an incredible line – A little spendy, but, as the saying goes: You get what you pay for. And this moisturizer is absolutely no exception.

So, let’s get technical for a minute: This moisturizer is designed for combination skin, and features an adaptable formula of hyaluronic acid and natural humectants that delivers optimal hydration with a matte finish. The hyaluronic acid helps encourage cell turnover, so even though it’s a moisturizer, it has an exfoliating affect (awesome). You won’t have that oily, glossy “just moisturized” look with this product. Instead, it absorbs quickly leaving your skin makeup-ready (or not, because you won’t need it).

Plus, and I know this is silly, but I just love the packaging. That green looks perfect on any countertop.

So, here’s how I use it: In the morning, after a good cleanse, and serum application, I go straight for this moisturizer (especially in hot and humid climates because of the matte finish). If the weather is feeling tropical (you know what I mean), I’ll actually mix some foundation into this moisturizer for a lightly tinted look, without the heavy finish of a full face of makeup. You can definitely use this as part of a nighttime routine as well (hello, who doesn’t love a 2-in-1 product). After your two-step cleanse and tone, delight and minimize your pores with this fabulous moisturizer. Plus, you’ll be multitasking in your sleep – While you catch some Zzzs this moisturizer is hard at work!!

In short: Treat yourself – Especially for summer. This bottle goes a long way, so don’t let the price tag scare you. And once you go Tata, you never go back.

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