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Peaches & Cream Bronzer from Jane Iredale

Bronzers are like shoes … No matter how many you have in your closet, you always have a favorite. And the Jane Iredale quad bronzer is definitely my favorite. Now, for YEARS I’ve been a Moonglow gal, but I’m excited to say I’m ready to make the switch to Jane Iredale’s newest quad set: Peaches & Cream.

Let’s take a step back for a second: The quad bronzer. It’s an iconic product, because it’s perfect. Four complimentary shades all in one refillable compact. It contours, it highlights, it even works on the eyes. And the formulation is outstanding: Not too much sparkle, wears great all day, and sits perfectly on the skin.

So now, there’s a new color on the block. Jane Iredale describes it as “four luxurious, warm peachy and pink hues with shimmer” – PERFECT for your summer look. Because it will give you that glorious bronzed glow, without leaving you overly orange or streaky.

Here’s how I use it: After I’ve used a concealer and foundation, and applied my eyes, I reach for this bronzer. Instead of hitting the apples of my cheeks, I apply ABOVE the apple with a fan brush – For ladies of a certain age, this is the best tip for emphasizing sagging cheeks. And on days when I’m going for a more natural, beachy look), I’ll use Peaches & Cream as an eyeshadow as well. I’ll apply one of the lighter colors to my lids, the darkest color to my crease, and the fairest, pinkies color as a luminizer/highlighter.

The bronzer is $44.00 (and it will last FOREVER), and there refillable compact is $18.00. You can learn more by clicking the button below!

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