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Mascara by Pacifica

Mascara by Pacifica

Mascara is an everyday makeup item to me. Even on my barest-face days, I have a swoop of mascara on my lashes. Call me old fashioned, but I like it – It’s my little reminder to be gorgeous when I leave the house (PS – being gorgeous is about so much more than makeup, but you know what I mean).

So, given that mascara is an everyday item for me, it’s no surprise that I test it ALL THE TIME. And I’m just so happy to have found Pacifica’s. I mean, “found” is a strong word – One of the beauties of Pacifica is that it’s available everywhere – From Whole Foods to CVS to Amazon. But finally, officially testing and reviewing this product is awesome.

Let’s make a long story short: I love it. It’s volumizing without being clumping. It’s dramatic without making my lashes look like crazy spider legs. It’s long-lasting without cementing itself to my eye lids. It’s the perfect package.

And each bottle is infused with coconut oil and vitamin B to hydrate each and every lash as it “lengthens, strengthens and adds volume” – From Pacifica’s mouth to the beauty god’s ears.

Major bonus? It’s 100% vegan, cruelty-free,  and formulated without FD & C color, parabens, talc and mineral oil.

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