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Liquid Gold Peptides by Gavée Gold

Peptides are often the forgotten step in skincare – Which is CRAZY, because they are absolutely vital to an anti-aging regimen. And top of my peptides list right now is the Liquid Gold Peptides by Gavée Gold.

The Gavée Gold Collection is created by Tiffany Andersen, a medical aesthetician and stage IV cancer survivor. The line is the result of Tiffany learning her body could no longer filter toxins, and her own need for the cleanest, most effective products available. At the core of Tiffany’s products are purified metal-free liquid fold elements. That’s right – Gavée Gold products contain actual GOLD. Pretty fabulous, right?

Let’s talk peptides, or, more specifically, Liquid Gold Peptides. This product is deeply brightening, and is infused with superfruit antioxidants, toxin free peptide brightening agents, hydrating agents 400x more powerful than hyaluronic acid, and purified liquid gold vital elements that nourish the skin while helping to restore collagen. To make a long story short, this product is infused with FABULOUSNESS that your skin needs.

So, here’s how I use it: At night, after my double cleanse, I apply Liquid Gold Peptides to clean, moist skin – I prefer to wear it at night so it doesn’t interfere with my makeup, and because it will have longer effects while I sleep. And here’s the best part – One drop goes A LONG WAY with this product. Seriously, at the VERY most you’ll use two pumps, but it goes on so smooth I often use even less. You can also apply a heavier application around the ye area as a serum.

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