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Effortless Eye Liner by Honeybee Gardens

Effortless Eye Liner by Honeybee Gardens

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Ok, ladies. If you’re going to just chose one product to go “green,” PLEASE chose eyeliner (actually, please make sure all your products are healthy and green, but you know what I’m saying). Here’s why: IT GOES ON OUR EYES. One of the most sensitive parts of our body. Some women even put eyeliner ON THE INNER LID (guilty as charged), so it’s even more reason why your eyeliner has to be the highest quality possible. Which is why I love the Effortless Eye Liner by Honeybee Gardens.

Full confession: I used cheap, nasty eyeliners most of my life. If it wasn’t a horrid pencil, it was an inky liquid (might as well have just emptied a toner cartridge for how healthy it was). And I’ve never felt more confident switching to a natural option. Effortless Eye Liners by Honeybee Gardens wear like pros, and they look incredible on every eye. And with a seven-shade lineup that makes your crayolas look like sepia tones, you’ll never go back to a nasty drugstore option. Want the color rundown? Who doesn’t:

  • Brown Sugar – light brown, good eyebrow shade, matte
  • Belgian Chocolate – dark brown matte
  • Jet Set – black matte
  • Smoking Gun – charcoal with a hint of sparkle
  • Blue Jeans – deep navy blue matte
  • Passion – deep smokey plum matte
  • Envy – rich deep emerald green matte

And every pencil is gluten-free, vegan and paraben free (aka, wonderful for your skin).

Now, you may be thinking, “But Sophie, is this pencil a good formulation? Will it go on smooth? And last all day?” And to that I say, “Yes, duh and ABSOLUTELY.” Plus, if you have a young daughter who’s all about makeup (guilty again), you can rest assured this pencil is a healthy, green option for her young, tender eyes.

Plus, each pencil is only $8.99, and lasts FOREVER. Learn more by clicking the button below.

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