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Cleansing Micellar Water by inVitamin

Cleansing Micellar Water by inVitamin

Ok, listen up: It’s time for you to get on the miceller water train. Yes, it has a crazy name. Yes, it looks just like regular water. And yes, it is the skincare secret you’ve been looking for. And my personal recommendation? Cleansing Micellar Water by inVitamin.

Micellar water is touted as the French woman’s secret to flawless skin. Word on the skincare street is that all those glamorous French women we see in our heads, who are heading into their sixties with flawless skin, who look younger than our 30-year-old American counterparts, swear by a bottle of micellar water on their bathroom skin.

So what’s the fuss all about? I’ve got three words for you. No. Rinse. Cleansing. That’s right – Micellar water is a cleanser that requires no rinsing.

And what makes micellar water special from, say, regular water? I’ll let inVitamin explain:

Micelles are microscopic clusters of molecules that love water (hydrophilic) and oil (lipophilic). When applied to a cotton pad/ball and swiped across your skin, they will eagerly grab onto and absorb dirt and makeup without ever breaking your skin’s delicate lipid barrier.

Here’s how I use it: At the end of a day, I put a healthy dose of micellar water on a round cotton pad (cotton is important – It works perfectly with micellar water). Without moistening my face with water, I swoop the micellar-water-soaked cotton pad to remove all my  makeup – Eyes, cheeks, lips, everything. Refresh your cotton pad as needed, until a wipe around your whole face comes back clean. If you’re an overachiever, you can do a second cleanse (this would be step two of the famous Korean double cleanse ritual), or, if you’re like me, you can call it a day and go to bed with a wonderfully clean face that has been moisturized and nourished with the miracle micellar water.

So, I put micellar water to the test the other day, and did a regular face wash first, and THEN used micellar water. And I was horrified at what a standard face wash left on my skin – Lots of excess makeup and grime that I assumed would be cleaned with a traditional cleanser. But, even after a good scrub, the Cleansing Micellar Water by inVitamin came back dirty.

So, stop wasting time. Click the button below to get your bottle of Cleansing Micellar Water by inVitamin today.

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