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shop_babybelle_pinkBeing a beauty editor with a very juicy job of reviewing and testing tons of products, it takes a seriously impressive product for me to place into my Top 10 of this year. Belle Core body buffer is moving straight into this category. This is a powerfully therapeutic beauty gadget that is so well worth investing in.

So – what does it do? Well, the first and most important reason for using it is to reduce the appearance of cellulite. Now – I KNOW what you are thinking… nothing really reduces cellulite, right? But, wait a minute ladies – it there’s anything that you need to have in your arsenal against the orange peel nightmare – which nearly all of us have to face, the Belle Core Body Buffer should be it.

Why? You can only really understand it’s effectiveness by using it. Unlike most gadgets and gizmos that seriously underwhelm, this little number got me very excited because the moment you turn it on, you realize it’s super powerful  – so much so, that you’ve really got to get a firm grip on it because it’s “vibrations” are pretty intense. Then, when you press it against your fatty areas, it feels as if it’s giving them the wake-up call of their life.

Seriously – how does it really work? Well, it uses something called orbital oscillation whereby the machine both whirls around and zig zags at the same time (at a terrific speed). This intense action serves to stretch out the dermal bridges or septa that keep your lovely cellulite in place. Think of a honeycomb – the walls of the comb need to be softened and stretched out to stop the fat bulging out of the top of each chamber (gross, I know!).

Not only does this machine do all that stretching and breaking up, but it also stimulates lymphatic flow, dramatically fires up your circulation, pummels your muscles, and exfoliates your skin – if there’s something missing with that combo, I sure as heck don’t know what that would be!

But the thing I like most about it, is that it feels sooooooooo good. Unlike most beauty gadgets that I lose interest in after a few weeks, this little baby will be bought out as often as possible because it totally warmed and soothed my low back in the morning before I’d even stretched. Oh, also – it is a great muscle warmer upper before yoga.

It’s expensive, but so well made and so worth it. I have the Baby Belle, which is a little less expensive, and totally does the trick.

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