Ep 027 | Let's shop at Whole Foods Market - Whole Body (skincare and beauty) - Sophie Uliano

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Ep 027 | Let’s shop at Whole Foods Market – Whole Body (skincare and beauty)

Today, we’re at Whole Foods Market again for another live grocery shopping video. I’m starting in the supplements & vitamins section today (because there were just so many questions), and then we’ll go into the beauty and body care section (my favorite). There are so many amazing brands available at Whole Foods Market, and often for very reasonable prices. Leave your questions or comments below the video – I love to answer your questions and hear your thoughts! I am so obsessed with Facebook Live as a platform! It’s so amazing, I’m going back and migrating my old videos to YouTube so they can live forever! To tune into my Facebook Lives, like me on Facebook.com/GorgeouslyGreen!

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