DIY Drying Lotion for Breakouts - Sophie Uliano

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DIY Drying Lotion

DIY Drying Lotion for Breakouts

There’s a similar drying lotion for breakouts (hint: It’s pink), which is kind of cult, and kind of pricey. So here’s my version, which does just as good a job, and that will cost you approx one dollar for a small bottle (instead of the thirty). My DIY Drying Lotion For Breakouts can be used all kinds of pimples, and will not dry out the surrounding skin unnecessarily.



1 tsp zinc oxide

4 tbsp witch hazel

1/2 tsp willow bark extract*

20 drops tea tree oil


*If you have dark skin, you may want to do a patch test first, because Willow Bark Extract can lighten dark skin.


Place the ingredients in a small glass bottle in the order shown.

Do not shake

When you are ready to use, dip a cotton swab down into the sediment in the bottom, and dot it on your pimple. Leave it on overnight, and wipe off in the morning with a hot face cloth.


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