Product Reviews

The Suntegrity "5-in-1" Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen/Face cream is a true BB cream in that it does the following: protects, moisturizes, treats, primes, and covers your skin - it comes in 5 shades, and offers a sheer covera... more


As many of you know - tea is my thing! It is a great alternative to coffee: less acidic and full of antioxidants, and cancer-preventing flavanoids. BUT - you need to know what kind of tea to drink. Loose tea is always the way... more


OMG - I just love Silk Cream by Erin's Faces. Erin is a makeup artist who clearly knows how to formulate. This is indeed a super-silky moisturizer to be used am/pm after your serum. It contains the magical Silk Peptide Powder... more

Derma e Mom’s Pampering Set!

What a great gift set to give Mom if you want to spoil her with new anti-aging, non-toxic skin care. This gorgeous pampering set from Derma e includes everything that your Mom will need for head-to-toe beauty. Derma e is a br... more

Super Goji Peptide Cream

Andalou Naturals Super Goji Peptide Cream is perfect for your 30-day G4G program as a potential night cream. You can use it as a day/night moisturizer, but I like to use it at night. It is full of the most beautiful ingredien... more


Well - here's a pretty amazing balm by Naturopathica, which goes way beyond your average body balm! It's a deeply healing Gotu Kola balm from Naturopathica's Wise Concoction line. This very concentrated buttery balm is raspbe... more


Now it's time to start collecting what you need for your Gorgeous For Good 30-day program, it gives me great pleasure to start highlighting my top recommendations: For those of you who have my book in hand, you'll see that I ... more


Mychelle has done it again with their Remarkable Retinal Cream - a really great, potent anti-aging product, which ticks all of my boxes (and some). This is the perfect Retinol Product to slot into your beauty regime as part o... more