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Product Reviews
5 Non-Toxic Perfect Holiday Gift Perfumes

I have had so many comments asking for my suggestions for non-toxic perfumes. A beautiful bottle of perfume is something to put on you Holiday gift list, so I'm delighted to share my favorites with you. Why are regular... more

Skin Brightening Cleansing Bar

The Skin Brightening Cleansing Bar by Sunshine Botanicals takes cleansing bars to the next level. It is formulated with skin brightening naturals acids, and botanical cleansing ingredients - a powerful combo to get your skin ... more

Suntegrity 5-in-1 Self-Tanner

I've renewed my love affair with Suntegrity's 5-in-1 self-tanning lotion. Why? Well, because despite being winter, I like to keep an all-over healthy body glow, particularly on my arms and chest area when wearing a sleeveless... more


OMG - stock up early on the most gorgeous Spa Kit for your Mom, girlfriend, daughter (I'm snapping one up for Lola), by Juice Beauty. This Spa Collection brings spa indulgence home with this limited-time-only pampering gift s... more

Laurel Transform Daily Facial Balm

So many of you have asked me for recommendations for a great facial balm for extremely dry skin. I highly recommend the Transform Daily Facial  Balm by Laurel Plant Organic. It's quite perfect for travel over the Holiday sea... more

beret jane

If you are looking for a miracle salve, which is multi-purpose, you might have to look no further. I love beret jane, an incredible salve made by Beret herself, who is a certified aromatherapist, and clearly knows how to ... more


This kit really is essential if you are traveling though the Holidays. Just three simple, but very high quality products that will keep your skin in excellent shape. The kit contains a gentle cream cleanser, a rose hydrating ... more

What’s The Best Toothpaste for Gingivitis?

I have been suffering from gum disease on-and-off for the last 10 years, and I cannot seems to find a toothpaste that helps this issue. I hate the way my gums look (inflamed), so it's a both a health and beauty concern. D... more

5 Benefits of A Personal Infrared Sauna

I used to go to a spa here in LA that had an infrared sauna because I wanted to ease my aches and pains ( I have a few old yoga injuries that rear up in the winter months). I also find infrared heat to be intensely relaxi... more


This is my bottle of choice of staying hydrated over the Holidays. It's by One Savvy Life, and it's called the Savvy Infusion bottle. I love it because I honestly don't drink enough water in the Winter because I'd much ra... more

Need the perfect holiday gift? Go for a Blendtec!

With the holiday's right around the corner, it's time to make your list and check it twice! I wanted to share this amazing holiday deal from Blendtec - Get $30 off all refurbished blenders now through November 30th!  ... more

Humalife Humic Acid

Does your immune system need a MAJOR boost? Have you tried Humic Acide - It’s Mother Nature’s most powerful broad spectrum anti-biotic! That’s why I love Humalife’s Humic Acid - It has potent anti-viral properties, dr... more

Abundant Life

I cannot deal without a yoga mat bag anymore ! I've tried  - trust me I've tried, but it always ends up becoming kind of half unrolled. Then I have to deal with this floppy annoying thing in the back of my car or in my hall ... more

MV Skincare

  Stores in the UK can barely keep their supplies MV Skin Care in stock. It's won plenty of natural beauty awards and is up my street for sure! Let's talk about their signature Mineral Mask: It comes with a stainl... more

About Face Sweater

At the beginning of October, I'm always on the lookout for a great skull sweater in time for Halloween. So happy to have found this one by Mod Cloth - cute and totally affordable. ... more

OM SWEET OM Meditation Cushions

Why would you need a meditation cushion? Well - the best way to meditate in terms of getting your spine super straight and your hips open, is to sit cross-legged, but for most people this just isn't comfy. I cannot sit cr... more