Product Reviews

OMG - I'm a sucker for a great new eye product, and I have to say the Skin Owl's eye + has gotten to me big time. Why? Well, because it's an instant thing - I mean who doesn't want a product that recovers tired-looking eyes N... more


What rock have I been living under that I didn't know about Astara Skincare? Seriously girls, this line is SO up my alley - it's natural (and I mean REALLY natural,) skincare at its very best in terms of quality and efficacy.... more


Looking for a hair care product is that is UBER natural (and when I say "natural", I mean minus ALL the nasties), and one that works like a charm in terms of repairing damaged hair, you might want to try Natu hair care produc... more


At long last - a clean skin care and personal grooming line for men. Brickell has created a fantastic range of grooming products that hit the spot. They are simple formulations, but contain enough good, clean anti-aging ingre... more


My pet peeve? Food wastage. I'm devastated when I have to toss a beautiful head of expensive farmers market lettuce because I just didn't get to use it in time. I was raised by a very frugal mom, and it rubbed off, which is w... more


Ageless La Cure sounds like something we all need, right? This anti-aging solution from Phyto5 is uber natural and holistic and comprises of a 3 week "cure" serum and moisturizer. I'm impressed by the ingredients that this Sw... more


Be Natural Organics Daily Botanical Enzyme Peel ($15.00) is so up my street - seriously! This is a perfect product for my 30-day Gorgeous For Good program, especially if you are prone to breaking out, or if you have acne. It ... more


Hand Drink by Jane Iredale is the latest hand cream that's come under my radar for review, and I am impressed because it couldn't offer me a better solution for hydrating my hands, while protecting them from those aging rays.... more