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Product Reviews
Gavee Gold

Gold particles in skin care are big business. Some brands at the highest end of the laughably-expensive spectrum use gold in their products, which supposedly fights wrinkles, brown spots and blah blah. I'm extremely skeptical... more


There should be a long line of women on a waiting list (and perhaps soon will be,) for this outstanding facial sunblock/BB cream - Total Eclispe by Sunshine Botanicals. It's actually neither a traditional sun block or a BB cr... more


It's always tough to find a "natural" shampoo that doesn't leave your hair somewhat straw-like, so I was thrilled to test out Innersense shampoo and conditioner, and compare it to the brands that my beloved hair stylist, Chri... more


Being a beauty editor with a very juicy job of reviewing and testing tons of products, it takes a seriously impressive product for me to place into my Top 10 of this year. Belle Core body buffer is moving straight into this c... more


Ooooooh - here's a little discovery that I'm kinda loving: A brand spanking new skin care company, Kindri has come up with a line of ecolicious facial products to titillate your senses and deeply nourish your skin. I'm in lov... more


I love that Shea Terra Organics sources really unusual beauty oils from Africa. The latest in their arsenal is their Senegalese Hibiscus Oil, which is extremely high in the essential fatty acids that we need to maintain  hea... more


Wanna know the best facial I've EVER experienced? Hands down, The Organic Pharmacy's Collagen Boosting Hydra Diamond Non-surgical Face Lift - comes in at the top of my list. The Organic Pharmacy has an extensive line of organ... more