Product Reviews
Juice Beauty Conditioning Lip Color

Ooooh - how much do I LOVE the Juice Beauty lip conditioning lip colors? They are utterly perfect as a lipstick: the right amount of color, the right amount of moisture, and enough pigment to keep your pout pretty for quit... more

Warby Parker Readers

I used to feel so utterly un-sexy in my readers until I found Warby Parker! Thank the Lord for such a great company - they not only bring glamour, cool and sexiness into readers (especially for women), but they also donate to... more


When I did a lunch box segment on the Home & Family show this week, I included a few great lunch boxes and many of you have asked where to find them. Look no further: Eco Lunch Boxes has the best selection ever. I simply ... more

Tammy Fender Antioxidant Creme

I want to gift this miracle creme to everyone I know because it does so much! This "vitamins-in-a-jar" creme will nourish your skin with all the nutrients it needs, while helping to smooth out scars and uneven texture. It's g... more

Andalou Naturals Age-defying Shampoo

The Andalou Natuarls Age-Defying hair care products are a must-try for anyone with thinning hair. It is one of the few lines that not only works, but that also contains all-natural, nourishing ingredients that will not ha... more


As a certified holistic nutritionist, I like to get as many nutrients as I can from my food. Getting my vitamins and minerals from whole foods is way better than getting them from supplements because in their whole food form,... more

Wild Planet Tuna

I know my book, Gorgeous For Good, promotes a vegan diet, but if you have to eat tuna, you must eat Wild Planet Tuna. It’s absolutely delicious and healthy - Wild Planet cooks their tuna once in the can, meaning that it ret... more

Ancient Harvest Pasta

I LOVE pasta, but couldn’t always justify the high-gluten content OR the heavy, gummy texture of an alternative grain noodle. Until I tried Ancient Harvest. These noodles carry any sauce, and make for a healthy, fulfilling,... more