Product Reviews
Urban Decay Karma Brush

Urban Decay was one of the very first mainstream cosmetic companies to celebrate cruelty-free/vegan products. If there was ever a perfect foundation brush - it's their Karma Brush! I am totally obsessed with this little guy b... more

Josh Rosebook Hair Spray

To find a hairspray that is not a horrible toxic cocktail of ingredients, and one that actually works, is no easy feat! But this beautiful spray by Josh Rosebrook keeps my hair exactly where it needs to be for a full day on s... more

Hilary’s Eat Well Root Veggie Burger

I LOVE summertime - I love the longer days, the sunshine especially using my barbecue. As a vegan, I've spent a LIFETIME buying different meat-free burgers, most of which are collecting icicles in the back of my freezer. Veg... more

PiperWai Natural Deodorant

It's summertime here in Los Angeles, so obviously I'm thinking about deodorant. Nothing is worse than sweating through your sundress, am I right? But, a lot of deodorants on the market today are FULL of toxic, dangerous in... more

Clair de Lune

My favorite Odacite has formulated this gorgeous Clair de Lune for Moon Juice Skin Set. It is perfect for the warmer months because the kit combines a revitalizing mist with a radiance-boosting serum to help you achieve a dew... more


Thank GOODNESS!!!! I have finally found a self-tanner that truly isn't stinky (not in the least), and one that actually does smell a bit like chocolate. Chocolate Sun is a Summer 2015 must-have.  All Chocolate Sun products a... more


The Suntegrity "5-in-1" Natural Moisturizing Sunscreen/Face cream is a true BB cream in that it does the following: protects, moisturizes, treats, primes, and covers your skin - it comes in 5 shades, and offers a sheer covera... more


As many of you know - tea is my thing! It is a great alternative to coffee: less acidic and full of antioxidants, and cancer-preventing flavanoids. BUT - you need to know what kind of tea to drink. Loose tea is always the way... more