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Meet Sophie

Hello Gorgeous!

My passion is to help you be the best version of you possible. I want you to feel gorgeous being YOU. We need more women in the world who shine from within, and my mission is to help you find that spark. Can you imagine leaping out of bed each morning, excited to greet the day because you’ve got stuff to do…actions to take that will leave the world better a better place? But, to be that powerful agent of change, you’ve gotta have the energy, right? And this means being as healthy as possible.

Your Health Coach At The Ready!

My first book, Gorgeously Green, set the Green=Healthy tone of my life. Before then, “green living” was something weird and niche…something that people who used compost toilets did. But as I immersed myself in every aspect of green living, I began to understand that everything is inextricably linked. What I do to the Earth, I do to myself. So in learning to take care of my environment, I learned to take care of myself. Allow me to help you do the same…

My Philosophy

Creating a healthy lifestyle isn’t just about practicing yoga or drinking green smoothies. It’s also about living finding joy in the life that I’ve been given. When I love what I’m doing, I’m able to shine. I can squeeze into the skinniest jeans on earth or have the best hair day I’ve ever had, but if I don’t feel really good about who I am as a person, there’s not an anti-aging serum on the planet that goes to make me feel – or look – truly gorgeous.

This doesn’t mean that I have to sit for hours in therapy or read a million self-help books in a yoga ashram – it simply means that I have to be willing to take some time out to become quiet and connect to who I really am. I need to understand which foods make my body feel good. I have to know what actions will make me, and others around me, happy. I have to know what kind of movements will me strong and vital. In essence, I have to be deeply in tune with myself, which isn’t always easy in my chaotic life. However, I’ve learned to make Wellness a priority.

Your Big Priority

Above all, I invite you to make wellness a priority. Ironically we have an inbuilt resistance to do what’s really good for us, and if I can get away with doing the bare minimum, I will. But the gorgeous women and mentors who continue to inspire me, taught me to do the opposite of what I feel. And, that my friends, is exactly how I’ve learned to take care of myself.

Whole food plant-based nutrition, organic skincare, tons of exercise, meditation, unplugging from the device I’m addicted to, and being of service to others – these are the building blocks of true gorgeousness.

My Journey

My journey to “wellness” and green living has been a gradual awakening. It all started in the lush countryside in the England, where my Mother raised me to be green and mindful. Back then it wasn’t called “green” though, it was called “common sense – something I clearly didn’t have a lot of because I went bananas over the first Big Mac I sunk my teeth into. The rest was history… at least for a few years! I eventually found my way back when life threw a few boulders in my direction, which prompted a slow wake up call to sanity. Living in Hollywood, I’ve been lucky enough to teach some of the most gorgeous women on earth, including Oprah and Julia Roberts, to live a greener, healthier life. My responsibility to you, as I trudge this happy path, is to keep up with the latest evidence-based scientific research pertaining to health and nutrition. I’m now a board-certified nutritionist (my biggest passion), and have been teaching yoga and fitness for almost 2 decades.

Life is not a rehearsal. It’s time to give up weight-loss diets and fitness programs that never work long-term. You only have one life. It’s relatively short, so why not live it to the fullest by making your wellness a priority now? All you need do is take a few simple actions that that will have you leaping out of bed each morning, excited to embrace the day!

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